Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Staying in Fairfield and the Bible

Me and Elder Reece

Hey Mom!

Yes! Finally! It took you guys forever to settle in - jeez! It took forever to finally make the move from Kansas to Utah! But we finally made it!

Well transfers are occurring as of now. I'm staying in Fairfield with Elder Kimball, which might be tough. The two of us aren't always the best of friends but I guess I still have something to learn from him, perhaps tolerance. I just hope this next transfer is my last in Fairfield, primarily because it's about to get HOT here. Don't want to be here for that! I would've liked to be in Eureka zone right now. My MTC comp, Elder Christensen, and my man Elder Hansen are there now, and I covet everyone else there because they get to serve around them! I love those two! I've hardly been able to see them since the MTC! Right now I'm in a trio with Elder Makoni, my Tongan brother. It's only for a couple of days till his new companion gets here. His last one, Elder Reece, died this transfer. By died I mean he went home. He was so trunky, he was ready to go home and everyone knew it. I hope to avoid being that eager to leave when I'm dying.

Well this week has mainly been a transfer week. The anticipation, people leaving, going home, all the goodbyes. So that was what this week mainly was. But we did have some sweet lessons. We taught a new investigator and we did a little on how to begin teaching. We just started off trying to make him feel comfortable. It went really well. We talked a lot about the Bible. I was surprised at how much I knew about the Bible. Those institute manuals work wonders. Earlier that day we had a contact that we talked to about the Bible, and he asked us questions about the creation and I just happened to answer them first before Elder Kimball. Luckily I knew them. But Elder Kimball didn't understand the questions so he looked confused and the guy threw down on him. He kept telling him that he doesn't understand God's word and he needs to study more. He told me that he liked me. Even though he was a little crazy, I still was kinda flattered. But mainly we've just been doing a lot of contacting and tracting - just trying to find people. We got a few referrals for other companionships but we haven't really found any potentials for us though. But some sisters got us a few referrals so we'll go over and see them later.

Oh my gosh... A shooting in Overland Park? Nothing bad ever happens in Overland Park! I mean c'mon, It's Overland Park! That's really crazy. Things are pretty bad here but we don't need a ton of street smarts. Just don't bother people on Dana Drive. But even then, they know who we are and don't care if we give them a card with Christ on it. So it's not that bad.

Well this week is a bit of a short one since it's just all messed up with transfers but things will slow down again next week and it'll get back to normal. I love you, mom! Looking forward to the Skype home on Mother's Day! Till then just try to endure.

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

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