Monday, May 26, 2014

Transfers and a New Companion

The Graham family. One of my FAVORITES. Spent General Conference, Easter, and Mother's Day with them! 
Hey everyone!

Well, I had a great week! We set 2 baptismal dates in one day with our investigators. We set one with E***** and M***** and it's going so well with them. Both the dates are for June 14th. E***** has been having some minor difficulties lately, and she's been struggling a little, but she is working through it and she's not letting it stop her. She even recognizes that Satan is going to hit her the hardest when she's just about to reach her spiritual high point and when she's closest to the truth. But like I said, she's powering through it and she has a testimony so she's not quitting! Go E*****!! And M**** is just breezing through, he's having no problems at all! Unfortunately we've just recently discovered his age and will have to pass him along to the Young Single Adult Elders since he may or may not fit in that category... sigh... I really want to keep him! In a perfect world I could just ignorantly pouch their investigator and no one would be the wiser! He's such a awesome guy, but you know what they say: "If you love something let it go, if they love you they will come back," or something sappy like that. But we have definitely been seeing some success lately. We have been working really hard these last two weeks. It's crazy how much we've been tracting so much! But transfers are almost over so we're going hard as Moses! 

Speaking of transfers, we got doctrine on Friday. I'm staying here in Fairfield and Elder Kimball is going to Woodland. My new companion.... his name is Elder Gasu (the G is pronounced as an N), and he is a 6'4, 300 lb Samoan, so this will be interesting. He is one of Elder Kimball's previous companions so he's been telling me a lot about him, plus I've heard about him throughout my mission. This could go either way... I could either love this next transfer or not so much.... We'll see what happens! But as one would expect from the description given, this boy eats a lot... so my ward is in for a surprise! Oh, but something I'm really excited for is who is replacing Elder Makoni in the other companionship in my ward. Elder Call!! My first district leader! Hooray! I'm so excited. He was also my MTC companion's (Elder Christensen) follow-up trainer, so we'll have that to talk about too. Mom, in case you need a little more back ground on who Elder Call is, please refer to your Skype profile picture. That's Elder Call. So I'm really excited to serve in the same ward as him. We also have two greenies coming into our zone, in fact both them are going to be in my district. It reminds me when I was green and fresh of the plane - it actually wasn't that long ago so it's not too hard to remember. I'll do my best to be the best influence I can be on them. I know it can be hard being new on the mission, luckily it wasn't too hard for me, but I know it can be really difficult for most so I will make them feel welcome!

Well, this week has been pretty busy. I went on exchanges with Elder Merriam, my Zone Leader, on Tuesday. I was his last exchange! He is going home this transfer and will probably be on a plane heading for Utah tomorrow. I'm going to miss that guy. I look at him and see him going home, and think how far away stepping foot on that plane home is (not that I'm overly eager to be home) and think thats a long ways away, but then I think that I've already been out 6 months and then that blows my mind! Sometimes it's hard to think I've already been out for 1/4 of my mission... it really is mind boggling for me.

Well other than transfers there's not a whole lot going on. Sorry my emails haven't been very good lately. I feel like I have less and less time to email home. I feel so rushed all the time. It's something I'll work on. But I love you and I appreciate all the support I get! It definitely makes things easier.

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

P.S. Good luck in Vancouver, Elder Pace! WEST COAST KILLIN!!!

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