Monday, March 16, 2015

Transfers and Departing Favorites

Elder Ellis and the departing Elder Chan

Bishop and Lori Candland with Elder Ellis

I had a pretty slow week, we only taught 6 lessons which is an all time low for us. But it's Gucci, we had a busy week with conference and with all the goodbyes Elder Chan has been saying to the members here. It's been a pretty busy but unproductive week.

Way to go, mom! WOOOOOOH! I'm so happy to hear all the tests went well! I'm so excited that this job opportunity is working out for you.

I went to Santa Rosa to have the all-mission conference to hear Brother Heaten and Elder Nielsen speak to us once more. He told us many things like how he's going to introduce many European countries with iPads, how he's speaking in the morning session of General Conference. He also showed us the new Easter video: Because He Lives, and taught us how we can be more effective and safe with technology. There was something that stood out to me when he was speaking about agency, and how we only have two decisions to make with our agency, and that's who we give it to; back to Heavenly Father, or to the adversary. When we make covenants by baptism and through the temple, yet choose to give our agency to the adversary, we are not exercising agency at that point, we are breaking covenants. Don't be a covenant breaker. Once we choose God through baptism and with the temple, we have high expectations placed on our shoulders, but only through the atonement of Jesus Christ are we able to meet these expectations.

Don't fret mother. I don't think you'll have to worry about me taking too LONG on my homecoming talk. I don't like being behind the podium anymore than I have to!

One of my sources informed me that some of my favorite people from Cordelia 2nd Ward are departing from the 'Land of the Wind' to travel and take up residence in Utah and Texas. What gives!? Now I don't want to embarrass anyone by pointing blames and naming fingers, so I shall use code names to avoid divulging sensitive and confidential information. A family by the name of Graham's are relocating to the aforementioned land of Texas, and I find this completely unacceptable and cannot look upon it with the least degree of allowance. Now the Harris and Beverly families have the right idea. Utah is the promised land. "Come unto [Utah], all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and [It] will give you rest." Matthew

Transfers are here! Big changes are happening. Elder Chan got a call the day of Transfer Doctrine and President told him he is going to be a Zone Leader in Santa Rosa South zone with my good friend Elder Mallory! Yeeaaaah Chan! My beloved Elder Guthrie is going home for hernia surgery! I am so bummed out. He probably won't be able to come back for 6 months. I'm going to miss him a lot. Not to mention Elder Moua is getting transferred to San Rafael. Everyone I love is leaving me! It's going to be a lonely transfer for me. But the Church is still true so I shall endure all things! I'm getting Elder Eccles as my new companion. I don't really know him that well since he's only been out 8 months or so, and I've never been in the same zone as him. I'm anticipating it to be a very interesting transfer. The Albas go home in June, so I'll have my new mission president, President Wright, for almost 6 months.

Saturday night we attended an auction for raising funds for Girls' Camp. It's pretty cool and the ward really loves it and gets into it. One woman auctioned her services to do all a person's taxes for free. It's funny because I'm told the people who bid the highest on that one are people who are already her clients. It was pretty successful, the Young Women raised $2,200. Not bad! Looks like they are going to Girls' Camp this year!

I get my new comp tomorrow so we shall see what happens, but until then, hasta la pasta!

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

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