Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Golfing off Volcanoes and Poison Oak

We found them!!! Really?! No one ever thought of checking the materials center???

Hiking Mount Konocti -an inactive volcano

Happy Father's Day!

Happy fathers day to all the fathers out there!! I'm grateful that I have such an amazing Stepfather, Gianni, who has been an example to me. We didn't always get along but I'm glad he's in my life and a father to me. A speaker in sacrament read almost the entire song of "Cats and the Cradle". I almost broke down sobbing. That song always gets me.

So Elder Stephenson and I had a really awesome District meeting. We had the Sisters, Sister Bear and Moore, teach about a phrase I made up, "spiritually loitering", or wasting time in our missions, and we taught about our "spiritual headlights". We compared our spiritual headlights to being bold, and when we turn our brights on we are being overbearing. It was actually a pretty good lesson and came together really well, which was really good since one of the AP's was sitting in for it. I shared a scripture about boldness, it's Proverbs 28:1 - "The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion." So I declared that our District was thence known as the Lake County Lions! And we shall be bold as such. My Zone Leader, Elder Mathusek, who was there, liked the idea and adopted it for the zone. So from of my idea, the Zone's theme is now the Lake County Lions. Whoopee.

Scratch that last email that was talking about how cool Vincent is. It just took him a while for the crazy to kick in, (you'd think I would be better about spotting these people after serving in Napa, home of the crazies.) He had some very disturbing and twisted ideas about doctrine, like about repentance and our purpose on earth. It makes me so grateful to have the fulness of the truth.

So we have had a ton of meetings this week, one of which was a tech training in preparation for us getting Facebook back. So now we are a Facebook mission again! We have been on and off Facebook for the longest time. I think it's finally going to be a permanent thing again, but we'll see. We also had our last interviews with President and Sister Alba before they go home. President Alba gave us some counsel about one of our investigators, Dennis, about what to do with him. He doesn't want to be baptized and just wants to hover where he is right now. We told him, (lovingly of course,) that if he isn't baptized he cannot enter into the kingdom of God and can't be sealed to his family. As suggested by President, we offered to do a fast with him that he will get an answer from God pertaining to if he needs to be baptized but he didn't even want to do that. It looks like we will have to drop him. Really bummed about it but maybe it will give him enough time to have the Lord work on him. In Sister Alba's interview with us she just told us to prayerfully seek a righteous wife. That was more or less her main counsel for us.

This week has mainly been a TON of tracking and finding. We have been cleaning are area book like crazy! No success so far but at least it won't be so cluttered for the next missionaries.

Hey mom, remember when Stephen almost walked to school without pants on in elementary school? Just a random funny thought I had earlier in the week.

So I've seemed to have been afflicted with the dreadful plague known as poison Oak. I have a rash on my face, neck amongst other places. I call it my Job-affliction. I have NO idea how I got it but it has been one hellish nightmare. So many people have been giving me a bunch of medications and sprays to help with the rash. I'm feeling the love amidst the feelings of agonizing itching, weeping and gnashing of teeth. Send some prayers my way that my face will be fixed!

The all mission conference is on Wednesday, and then the Albas go home soon after. It is going to be so strange to not have the Alba's around anymore. I've served with them for 19 months so it's going to be quite a shock when they finally return to Georgia. That being said, I am excited to have President and Sister Wright join the mission. I'm stoked for the mission conference to see all my mission homies. Reunions are always so much fun. Hopefully my disfiguring rash goes away by then.

So we tracted into a less active mother and daughter by accident and it probably made it onto my top 5 most awkward lessons list. They invited us in, (they are over 45 so it's okay,) and we sat there uncomfortably while they told us their many problems and basically told us they sin and enjoy it. But since we are getting better at being bold with people we just straight up told them that's not okay and God doesn't look upon sin with the least degree of allowance. Even though their thoughts on keeping the commandments hasn't changed I'm getting better at being bold and correcting people. I've never been good at these things before but I know that's how Heavenly Father would speak to us, lovingly and boldly, so that's how I must strive to do as well. Lake County Lions!

So mom, you weren't able to use our girls camp video? Don't worry, we found another use for it. We told a member at dinner about the videos we made for girls camp and she asked for them to use at her girls camp. Great, not only is there the possibility of corrupting the young women in the Tooele Stake, but I was able to double my quota by ruining the Ukiah young women as well.

Today for preparation day we hiked Mt. Konocti, which is an inactive volcano with an elevation of 4,000 ft. in Kelseyville. It was probably about a 3 hour hike, round trip. It had the coolest view at the top! So we had to take advantage of the opportunity and we brought up golf clubs and balls to hit them off of a VOLCANO! I don't want to hear anyone tell me I don't know what's it's like to do that ever again! Cross that one off the bucket list! Well that's pretty much my week. It was good overall but it was also slow. But the next couple of weeks are going to be absolutely packed and crazy! I'm looking forward to it picking up a little. Well I hope everyone has a great week! BYE!

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis.

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