Monday, February 3, 2014

Tough Week and a Single Crab

Hey Everyone!!

Urgh!! It was a tough week for me. We went to see so many potential investigators in our area book because they haven't been seen in a long time, but none of them answered the door! That happened two days in a row. We must have knocked on 20 doors and we didn't have any luck at all. We would just get home at night and sit on our beds and wonder what we got done that day! Plus the people who actually did talk to us and told us right to our faces that we're wrong. That kinda gets discouraging, but you just need to look them in the eye and bare your testimony, which I've gotten to do to a couple of less-than-friendly people. Oh well - those days happen. It'll pick up this next week. But the investigators I'm talking to now are progressing. M******* has a baptismal date for the 28th so get excited!!

I know all about the Super Bowl since we had dinner last night with a member who was having a Super Bowl party. The other elders and I ate in the kitchen, but we could hear everyone cheering and yelling, not to mention them coming in to get food and telling us how aggravated they were.

I'm so glad the house is getting sold! It's about time! I think it's funny they are making you pick up sticks or they can't make a deal - they must have seen how desperate we are and decided to milk it for everything they can. I'll take a room in the basement in the new house.  I'm not going to occupy it for a long time so you can do whatever you want.

So last week on Monday after emails I went crabbing with Elders Vang, Corn, and Haynie and a less active member named H*****, (whom Elder Haynie and I gave dating advice to last night which was super weird but hilarious at the same time.) Anyways we excitedly threw our crab net into the water with the bait and realized that, very much like fishing, this was going to take a while. So we decided to go get lunch. Unfortunately during lunch, H***** had to leave because she was late for class at the university she goes to. So just like that we lost our resident crab expert! We went back to the pier not really expecting to catch anything when we pulled our net up. We like to go contacting by the pier and we see people crabbing all the time.... it's pretty uneventful. So we didn't expect much, but when we pulled up our net up we found that we caught a single crab.! We just lost it.... we were so excited that we were jumping around and celebrating (luckily no one was around to watch the pitiful sight of four guys doing victory dances at the sight of a crab.) But then it occurred to me that we had to throw it back since there are some very strict crabbing laws here. If you catch one that is the wrong color or isn't in season or too small, etc, then you can get ticketed for like $200! So we start frantically trying to get this crab off the net, which he was holding on to with every leg he had. We also had to avoid him grabbing us with his mighty kung-fu grip. It took us 10 minutes and 4 panicky Elders to get him to get him back into the water... which was an even more pitiful sight than when we caught him.

I can't wait for everyone to get out here on their missions too! So hurry up! Well I'm out of time. I'm being pestered to hurry up so we can get to the beach, so I've got to go. Love you all!!

Love, Elder Ellis

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