Monday, February 24, 2014

Facebook and Chincillas

Dear Beloved Ones,

YES! Hallelujah! Goodbye Kansas (and sadly all the wonderful people who live there) and hello Mormonopolis! I want to thank everyone who helped out with my family's move. I feel kinda guilty (and also super relieved) that I wasn't able to help out with the move, although I would think being on a mission is a pretty good Doctor's note that gets me out such activities. But to be fair, I've had my own share of helping people move. I believe I'm up to seven move in's/out's I've helped out with. If there's one thing to be said about the Mormon character, it's probably a compliment to their packing skills.

Well get excited everyone! I have a baptism on Friday! WHOOOOOOO!!! GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL!!  I'm pumped! Also..... I have a baptismal date for another investigator on April 5!! CIAO BELLA VITTORIA!! Her name is M****** and she is one of the investigators I spoke of earlier. And we cannot forget about K****** who will have a baptismal date after Friday. This I humbly promise. And M******* father, T****, also wants to get baptized, so now he has an incentive to hurry that process up! If he wants to baptize his daughter, then he needs to quit smoking and do it soon! We're going over to their house tonight to help conduct a family home evening. I might be getting transferred soon... so I might not be able to see those other 3 baptisms happen. I get transfer doctrine next week so I'll know if I'm staying or if I'm leaving by next Monday. But hey, regardless if I get transferred or not, next transfer I'll be a Facebook missionary! LA CHIESA È VERO!!! It's going to be awesome! I won't be a Greenie missionary anymore and I'll be done with my first 12 weeks!

Well this week has been pretty good. Being a bike missionary I've been able to personally experience all the delights of Crescent City weather. For those of you who don't know, it rains here... quite a lot. But on Wednesday my zone leaders came up to go on exchanges with us and I went with Elder Balaich. We were going to the part of our area that is further away, so we got to use their car. Well Elder Balaich's drivers license expired, so I got to drive his Chevy Cruise. I miss cars.... they're so nice... Well we went and saw some of our potential investigators that haven't been seen in quite a long while. Some of them weren't interested, some of them weren't there, and one of them had actually died months ago... that was uncomfortable. Elder Balaich: "Excuse us but are you Jerry?" Man: "No I'm not." Me: "Oh, well is he home, or did he move away?" Man: "He's dead." Me: "Um come again...?" Man: " He died in January, I'm not related to him, I'm just renting the place." Elder Balaich: "Oh that's too bad... Soo do you have a faith in Jesus Christ...?" Man: "Go away." And that was the end of that. On a different note we did manage to give a blessing when we went to another potential house.... but it was to a chinchilla... now by blessing I mean we just prayed for it. It didn't look so hot and she said he was dying. She was crying and we asked her if Christ was standing there with us, what would she ask him. She said to let Whiskers live. So we figured the least we could do was pray for it. But it did open doors for us to return because I asked if it would be okay to return and see how he is doing and she said that would be alright. So if anyone is wondering how Elder Ellis is doing, just remember I'm out here working hard and blessing Chinchillas! 

Well this next week is going to be really exciting! Congratulations to Ky for his mission call! Vancouver Washington! Rock on! We'll be serving pretty close together. We'll only have an entire state separating us. Pesky Oregon.... Well, I leave you with much love.

Now I close my epistle.
I am Elder Ellis; Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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