Monday, July 14, 2014

Stalking and a Transfer to Novato

Elders Sacco, Ellis, Meiners and Randall in Novato, CA

Hello from Novato!

I am sooo stoked to be here in the San Rafael south zone! I love everything about this place! Not only is the weather so much nicer than it is in Fairfield (Hallelujah), but there's a lot more things to see and things to do here. I'm really excited that I'm in an area again that has beaches nearby, so I am absolutely going to take advantage of that today!!! We also have the Golden Gate Bridge in our zone, so the missionaries here like to go to there for P-Day. It'll be like good old times with Aunt Kym, Uncle Mark and (displeased) Stephen!

Well Mom, I'm impressed but not surprised that you already know my address, but for those of you who aren't certified in stalking, my address is 708 Lark Ct, Novato, CA 94947. Since we're on the subject of my mother knowing an odd amount of details about my mission; how did you know Elder Christensen got transferred? But yes, I was able to see him on transfer day! I was pretty excited - I haven't see that boy since Christmas! His new companion is my favorite district leader I've had so far, Elder Welch. That will be an awesome companionship and I'm really excited for them!

So some details about my new area... I live in a four-man apartment, which is really exciting. Four-man pads are so much fun! I live with our zone leaders, Elder Sacco and Elder Randall, and I love those two - they are so much fun. We also go to the same ward as well. I've never been in a two-man ward. All three of my areas have had two companionships in the wards I've gone to, which is pretty uncommon. Best of all, I am in a car area, so I can continue to procrastinate the day I get a new bike. We really don't have any solid investigators right now, so we are going to spend a lot of our time finding people. That really doesn't bother me since I have a good companion to go contacting with. Elder Meiners is a really fun missionary and I'm psyched to be with him. Funny thing is this is our second time being companions. In Crescent City, after my trainer Elder Whittingslow went home I was put in a trio with Elder Meiners and Elder Morely. So he is my first real companion that I have served around (with) before we were put together. 

Well I'm so excited to be serving in this area! I really like the members here, at least the ones I got to know on Sunday. Cordelia 2nd Ward in Fairfield has ruined me for the rest of my mission because they spoiled me too much! My expectations have skyrocketed after being there! But I'm really excited to get to know the Novato 1st ward better and develop some lasting friendships here like I did in Cordelia. I have more to say, but I''m a little rushed since I'm using a library computer and my time limit is almost over. I'm doing really well, and I'm really excited for this new slate to work on! I'm grateful for all the support people have been giving me, and I'm really grateful for the friends I've made since I've been out here in California. I know they will last for years to come.

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

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