Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Devotional Pictures

All-Mission Christmas Devotional
My MTC companion, Elder Christensen
Companion reunion - Elders Christensen, Chan and Kimball (and Smith hanging out)
Elders Choffin,  McFadden, me and Tehran
My bud, Elder Mallory
Elder Corn
My favorite greenie, Elder Guthrie
The Samoan Sensation, Elder Gasu
Elder Haynie's (center right in Santa hat) posterity - I'm his daughter.
Elder Hacking
Hermana that came out with me (the second time)
Elder Meiners and his ugly reindeer tie
Elder Merrell - I love this guy so much!
Sister Pollter
Elder Teisina
Elder Heil, aka Johnny Bravo

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