Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Mormons, a Pagan and a Satanist.......

Elder Ellis did not send an explanation of why he is wearing a skirt.

Congratulations mom! I'm so happy that you got the job! Proud of you!

This week wasn't as eventful as others. We picked up a lot of investigators but other than that, not a whole lot happened. One of the more exciting things that happened was our Half Mission Conference with Elder Nielsen. I learned so much from it. He's the first general authority that has spoken to our mission that wasn't there to tell us how inadequate we are. Elder Aidukaitus and Elder Falabella have come in the past and that was the focus of their talks, but with Elder Neilsen, I was able to receive much personal revelation for myself. He told us to read the conference talk, "Bear up his Burdens with Ease" by Elder Bednar and it taught me so much after going over it again. It goes into detail about the Atonement and how it has two parts - it's composed of both redeeming and enabling power. I can email home the notes I took on my iPad if you so please.

So funny story time, or at least I think it's really funny. Elder Chan and I were looking for a potential investigator in an apartment complex and we came across three people sitting in front of where this person we were looking for should have lived. We started talking to them and asked them if the person still lived there and they said she moved out a while ago. I then asked them if they needed any service done for them and explained how we are always looking to help people as volunteers from the church. One of the guys says, "No I'm good, personally, I'm a satanist." And the girl next to him told us she's a pagan... Well the first thing I thought of was this was the perfect intro to a joke, "Two Mormons, a pagan and a satanist walk into a bar..." The second thing I thought was: "Well, that's great and all.... but that doesn't really answer my question. Do you want me to mow your lawn or what? I didn't know being a satanist excluded you from having your gutters cleaned." I had to restrain myself from cracking up right there.

We picked up a Chinese investigator. His name is Mike Chan, at least that is his English name. No idea what it is in Chinese. We met him Wednesday morning and he came to a church activity that night. Not only that, but he read from the Book of Mormon we gave him and asked if there was a way to donate to the church. So Elder Chan taught him about tithing. He's so ridiculously solid. Only problem is, he doesn't speak English! So our plan is to try teaching him some English as we teach him about the gospel.

Well, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting for the first time on my mission. I think it went pretty well. I'll send it home so you can all judge for yourselves. We also were able pick up a part member family. The three sons are nonmembers and have been taught EVERYTHING, so I'm not sure why they haven't been baptized, but we'll fix that.

Sorry my letter was uneventful but things should pick up pretty soon.

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

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