Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baptisms and a Pit Bull

Hey family!

Thanks for the gift mom! It's so cool. I'm the envy of all oil vial carriers everywhere. I also got your s'more care package as well, so that's something Elder Whittleslow and I can bust open on Christmas! On Christmas we're going to see what Santa brought us, have a meeting with DAN, then we're just going to look for service opportunities. Afterwards we have a couple of dinner appointments. It's going to be an interesting day, that's for sure.

The Santa Rosa Mission devotional was really cool. We all brought a gift to put in a pile and everyone came over and took one. My gift was the ugly vest I was wearing in the picture that I'm fairly sure I sent you.... but I later found the Elder who got my gift and he was wearing it and seemed to enjoy it. I got a pen, but ti doubles as an ipad pen too, so that actually came in handy.

This last week has been insane - we had 3 baptisms on Saturday, and one on Sunday. Three of them were children of record, but one was a women that Elder Whittleslow and I have been seeing. Her name is Jenette Flores and she is such a honey badger. She is just awesome! It was so cool seeing her make these changes in her life and have this desire to follow Christ's example. Funny story: on Friday we went to see her and have a quick lesson with her before her baptism. We were talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost and the different ways it can help her. So as we are sitting there, listening to the member that was present talk about times how the spirit prompted him to be in certain places or to do certain things, and as he is talking Jenette's pit bull (mom, it's awesome up here! There are pit bulls everywhere!! I've seen like 8 of them, and I just revert to an 8-year-old every time I see one. It's awesome) who had been fed multiple pretzels at this point comes over and puts his head in my companion's lap and vomits all over his legs and back pack. Then I looked over at Jenette and told her that was an example of what happens when you don't heed the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It was so funny. But after that, we couldn't get back to focus on the lesson. I tried to keep it going, but she had to leave the room with Elder Whittingslow to get him cleaned off, so I just turned to her inactive husband, A****, and started teaching him. At first he didn't even like missionaries and wouldn't let them in, but after seeing the change in his wife and how much happier she has been he's warmed up to us. Well yesterday we got a text from Jenette saying that A**** said he wanted to come back to church! Us coming over so frequently and sharing lessons have softened his heart and he wants to get back to church. It's so awesome!

We're always busy, and it's pretty exhausting. We have so many people we visit. I've really liked all of the people I have met.....some of them are just a little... interesting, to say the least. Oh, I've actually met Brother R**** and had a conversation about it already. He's a pretty cool guy.

I will call you around 11:00 am to get your Skype address and then I'll Skype you. Sorry, but 11:00 is kinda the time we scheduled for it. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all, even though I talked to you, mom, just a couple of weeks ago. I'll have a lot to tell you on Christmas.

Love you all! The church is true.

Love, Elder Ellis

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