Monday, December 30, 2013

Holidays and Alien Abductions

Greetings Family and various associates!

So I had a pretty good Christmas, but unfortunately the go-to gift for a missionary is cookies and lots of candy... which is awesome at first, but after a while you just open a gift hoping for a fruit basket.... (oh and Tammie, thanks for the Tupperware of cookies, I got it when I was still excited about cookies so don't worry. Soooo should I send the tupperware back? I'm not really sure what the protocol is at this point.) It was weird being away from home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas but it wasn't too bad. I've adapted to Crescent City pretty well (yeah, with the beach it wasn't all that hard.)

Well the work is progressing here in California (and it's going to speed up a lot more when Elder Moore gets here! I'm sooo excited! I managed to make a fool of myself when I read about it because I was celebrating like an idiot). We have 3 baptisms coming up - we don't have a date for any of them but we're working on that. They all want to get baptized so the hard part is out of they way.

There are some really colorful people up here... I've had more than a couple people come up to us and start a conversation with us that seemed normal at first. That's how they lure us in. Then they start talking about being abducted by aliens, and because of this, they plan on mind controlling all the world leaders to wage war on the mantis men..... We just sit there and nod... and think about how we can lead this conversation to the Restoration, which isn't easy at all. In addition to the colorful people there are a lot of really great people up here too.

Well I hope everything is going well for everyone. I can't believe it's already been a month. Next week I'm going to have to lead out, so I'm going to be in charge of everything. That will be.... probably disastrous... so we'll see what happens. I'm doing very well up here and the work is hastening! There's a lot of wheat up here and I'm going to find them! Sorry for how short this letter is but there's just no time to email here! Well, I love you all!

Love, Elder Ellis

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