Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Brings Big Changes

Greetings from Crescent City!

Okay, so this week has been... complicated... to say the least. But in a nut shell, I'm an orphan now. My trainer, Elder Whittingslow, went home.... sooo yeah... quite suddenly, actually. On Thursday around 3 pm we were in the middle of a lesson and we were talking about temple and family history work, when our phone went off. And of course we were grumbling about it since it interrupted a really good lesson. "Of course! Every time... who could it possibly be?!" Elder Whittingslow looked at the phone and it was our mission President! (which is always a bad sign if he calls you personally....) "What the funhouse!? It's President Alba!! Ummm... we have to take this...." So he answers and President Alba told him that he wanted to meet with Elder Whittingslow at 6:30, alone, and that he was already on his way up from Santa Rosa... which is a six hour drive... so we were freaking out the whole day. We kept thinking it had to be something about his family, or even worse... he was being made an AP!! NOOOOO!! At least that's what we kept joking about, but in all seriousness the mission president doesn't come up just to tell us we're doing a good job and to give us a hug, so we were a little freaked out. So they met for like an hour or so and when they finally came out I could tell Elder Whittingslow had been crying. President Alba said they were going to work on getting me a new companion. Elder Whittingslow packed his stuff up that night and they left Friday morning. We have a pretty good idea why he was sent home but all I'm going to say is what he told us, that he had some "legal complexities" he needed to take care of. I was just happy that his family was alright. But yeah, that was the biggest thing that happened here.

We had a pretty cool New Years though. We bought a whole bunch of bubbly and we had lots of noise makers and cool 2014 glasses and stayed up to a whopping 10 pm! Whooooa! Yeah, well we didn't want to stay up really late so we did the count down two hours early and just partied for like 15 minutes. So all our neighbors think we're insane. Well I hope you all had a good New Years, and have some sweet resolutions. A really cool Mormon message we've been showing lately is called, "New Years. Look Not Behind Thee." ( It's really a good message and I encourage all to watch it! And if you've already seen it, then I don't kerr! Watch it again!! Cause I've seen it at least 15 times now.

Well I haven't gotten your package yet, but I'm still waiting! Looking forward to it! But I did finally buy a pillow last week and I was surprised at how much more fun sleep is when there is neck support present. So I encourage everyone to sleep with a pillow! You won't regret it.

I'm managing to take care of myself. Unfortunately, two of my suit pants have slight tears at the seams. This being said, it's a good thing I plan on marrying a woman who is much smarter than me cause sewing really sucks. I can't figure it out... at all.... I'm hopeless, I know. But I'm being well fed, and getting lots of dinners (by the way, Uncle Nate, do you happen to remember a Khou Lo from Crescent City? cause she seems to remember you.) Oh! And look up a "Stonewave", it's one of those "as seen on TV" things but it works sooo well! So I'm cooking all sorts of delightful things with that!

Well, Mom, I am going to need father's address, since I cannot remember it for the life of me. But I know I need to write him. I prayed for an hour straight, sometimes we do something called a "power hour," and I received more than a little of my own personal revelation of what I need to do.

Well, I love you all and I pray for you often and I expect them in return!!!

Love,  Elder Ellis

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