Monday, January 13, 2014

Service and a Machete

Dear Everyone,

THANKS FOR THE CHEESECAKE MOM. I really liked the cheesecake, although it paled in comparison to Heidi's cheesecake. It was still delicious. And thanks for the letters Aunt Marge. I hope your foot is doing better. You certainly didn't look like you were enjoying yourself when I saw you last so I hope things are going better. I miss your dehydrated apples. I buy apples every week at the store but I always look at them longingly, wishing they were dehydrated.

Wow! This week has been a huge week of service. First, we helped a family move everything they have from one house to another. They were pretty much relocating since one of them was having a baby the next day. Then we went to a yard sale to get a bunch of things for this part-member family that just moved in, who doesn't have much of anything yet. We got them a lot of kitchen supplies, a bedside table and a kitchen table, which had a sheet of glass that we were really worried about breaking in the back of the truck. What made it even worse was the table was an inch too long for the bed of the truck, so we couldn't put the tailgate up! So we were worried about the glass breaking and everything falling out the back. We managed to get everything to their home safely but the kitchen table was too big for their kitchen so we called around and found someone who needed a table and was happy to take it. So everything worked out perfectly. Then the next day we got a call saying that an elderly couple was moving here from Oregon and we helped them unload their truck and move in. We also went and found an address to a place that sells firewood for a family, we helped a little girl put her crayon maker and Spider-Man clock-bank together. And my personal favorite is, we went to an elderly women's house to help her cut down some really tall weeds, that if left unattended would grow haphazardly and even more out of control. So we came to cut them down and dig up the roots, but we didn't have any tools. So this sweet old lady comes out with three machetes and gives them to us. We were like, "what the freak?".... So the three of us just start going postal with the machetes. Needless to say, we had way more fun there than we should've... I mean we got the job done effectively but we certainly enjoyed ourselves while we did so. You never really feel empowered as a man till you garden with machete. So it was pretty eventful week.

Yesterday I was talking to M******, (he's one of the youngsters I've been talking to who want to get baptized) but he wants to wait for his uncle to get into town so he can baptize him. But the uncle said he wasn't going to make it this month, so I asked M***** if he wanted to wait for his uncle or go ahead and do it sooner rather than later. He told me he didn't want to wait any longer, so I could have a baptism very soon guys! I'm so excited!

Other than a ton of service not much has happened. It's just a weird situation since I'm in a trio with Elder Morely and Elder Meiners and now we have two areas to cover so we can't get to everyone. But I assure you, the work is still hastening. And mom, I will get you pictures when I get my Facebook account -  it will be so much easier then.

Well, my love is extended forth to all. Sorry this letter is kinda boring but I essentially summarized my whole week right there so it can't be helped. I'll keep up the good work, just keep supplying me with prayers!!

Love, Elder Ellis

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