Monday, March 17, 2014

Coffee Ice Cream and Oreos

Hey Everyone,

This week was pretty tough - it seems there's no one to teach here! There's been a lot of rejection happening and I try not to let it discourage me. It's just tough not having people to teach! We do have a pretty solid investigator named D***** and she's about as golden as it gets! She is so excited to learn about the gospel and we taught her on Friday about the restoration and she loved it. She really liked the idea about the priesthood, really liked that Joseph Smith saw Christ and the Father, believes he is a prophet and believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I invited her to be baptized
and she said probably. But with how the lesson went and how excited she is about the next lessons...she's getting baptized. There's just no doubt.

Mom I need Aunt Marge's email or address. I don't have them so I can't write her till I get one. Also I'm just going to mail my camera memory card home so you can get the pictures, so I need your address. I'm tired of trying to email them. You'll have it soon. And I don't get Parker's and Landon's emails, so please forward those to me.

Well I forgot to write about it in last weeks letter but while I was in Crescent City I got to do some really fun service! I helped a member demo their house! I didn't do anything too extreme but we took
out the crown molding and knocked out light fixtures. We pretty much tore down everything from the wall. I also got to take the doors down and rip the frames off. All that time I worked for Jeremy hanging doors I didn't get the opportunity to break and tear stuff down, so it was a nice change of pace from the norm.

I want to thank you for giving the Eggens the pink sauce recipe! It was soooo good to have some familiar food! I knew it right when I saw it and I think they were disappointed when I walked over and asked if it was pink sauce - took away the surprise factor of it. Speaking of food, I had a funny experience at dinner a couple days ago. So my companion and the other two elders in our ward went to dinner, and it went well. Solid members who fed us some desirable meatballs. And we had lovely dinner overall. Then they went to get dessert. They came back with bowls of ice cream and some Oreos and my heart was filled with delight! Then Elder Makoni and I took a bite... and we looked at each other... these members... just fed missionaries.... coffee ice cream... WHAT? We didn't know what to do! Is that breaking the word of wisdom or is it just hot beverages? We had a debate about it later. But who feeds a missionary coffee ice cream!?

Well Facebook is good but as soon as I got it I received about 50 friend request from Filipinos. So that was weird. Apparently they love missionaries so they always friend all the elders on Facebook. Facebook is an interesting teaching tool. You find a lot of interesting people so it's like regular contacting but much faster pace.

Well I'm doing well. Fairfield is different than Crescent City but it's a good adjustment. I just need to find people to teach and it'll get so much better!

Love, Elder Ellis

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