Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fairfield and Facebook


So Fairfield... what is to be said about Fairfield??.... Hmm, how about we start with the fact that I have no investigators!! What?! What is the meaning of this! We have one progressing investigator. That's it. Man, this place is dry! Well I guess I need to work some of my magic and get us more people to teach! We spend most of our time finding and contacting people. At least I'm not on bike anymore and I get a little bit of a reprieve from that. Though I don't think I would mind riding my bike here. It's really pretty. And the people are really awesome in my ward. I'm just going to summarize it up in a few simple words.... I'm going to get fat.... there it is! I threw it out in the open! I'm not happy about it, but it's just going to happen. If it weren't for the fact I go jogging every morning, I wouldn't stand a chance.

Well my new companion, Elder Kimball, is a pretty solid guy. We get along pretty well, though he can be pretty quiet at times. And let me tell you, this boy doesn't find me nearly as funny as he should. It's criminal. It's pure injustice to my sense of humor. We're working on it, but he better offer up a chuckle every once in a while or there's going to be problems.

I finally got Facebook, as many of you already know. I have graduated my days as a Greenie! It was surreal being at transfer meeting on Wednesday, and seeing all the newest greenies and just thinking I was there 3 months ago... less than that, actually. Well I haven't been able to actually teach on Facebook yet, since I'm pretty much just getting started but I'm pretty excited to start talking to people. It's awesome since we can also Skype people. Contacting on Facebook isn't any easier than normal. We pretty much just type, "friends of friends", or "people who are not my friends" and just start messaging people. and we always get the "uhh do i know you...?", or told to go away. But sometimes we get someone who isn't afraid to talk to some random, but well dressed stranger on Facebook. Then we just take it from there as normal contact. It's pretty much no different from regular contacting, except we get more time to think about what we want to say.

Well speaking of Uncle Robert, I have an Elder in my district by the name of Paul Teisina who is from Bountiful who said he had a football coach named Bob Larsen. Ringing any bells Uncle Robert? I'm not sure if you did any coaching, but if you did then you are probably this man.

What?! Mom you cant just drop an apostle bomb on me like that and not tell me who it was! Was it Holland? Eyring? ......was it Peter...? I need to know! Oh and mom, before I forget, where did you get my vial customized? My comp wants to know. By the way, I was just told by the elders that live next door that they got my package, so thanks mom!

Well I'm not used to being around so many other missionaries. Up in Crescent City I was pretty isolated and there were only 6 of us. But now I'm around so many that our P-days are huge! We just went to this arcade place called Scandia, and played some laser tag. My team won, naturally. It was so much fun. Although the work is a little harder here in Fairield, I really like the area. There's a lot more to do and certainly a lot more people to talk to. Well I'm going to wrap it up but I bear gifts.... PICTURES!! You know the ones I was suppose to send months ago? Well I love you all! I'll see you all on Facebook!

Love Your Elder,

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