Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Service and Nostalgia

Hello family!

So I've had a pretty eventful week. I've found that this transfer has been a transfer of service, we do quite a lot of it. We did a lot before but now Elder Gasu and I have it almost everyday! Which is good, I love service, but that's what it feels like the theme of this transfer has become. Elder Gasu, the other Elders and I participated in an emergency move, that we found out about from our Bishop 30 minutes before it happened. Luckily we were really close by when we were called so we were able to jump in and start helping. That was a two day project, but we were able to get everything out of their old house and into storage. They were pretty grateful, even though they had been a little reluctant at first to ask for help. Once they realized they couldn't do it alone, they were happy to have us there.

The youth in this stake and in the Woodland and Vacaville stakes had a dance festival called "Brave" on Saturday as a part of their Youth Conference. To paint a picture of what it looked like, it's a lot like what the youth did for the temple dedication of the Kansas-Missouri temple. They would perform a dance and then in between routines they would show a video of someone bearing their testimony about the Gospel, or how they were able to share the gospel with someone. They've been practicing the dances for months and they made their own outfits for it too, which I attempted to assist with. I can go up and knock at random houses and talk about God, but I'm virtually useless when a skirt needs to be sewn. But I was able to be more helpful at the festival! Elder Gasu and I only were able to see the dress rehearsal because the rest of the time we were in the back helping make the food for the after party. I figured that I've been to enough youth activities where the members graciously provided food, not to mention being fed all the time on my mission, and it was time to return the favor. So we were in the back making cheeseburgers and hotdogs while they dancing. Then afterward there was a pool party that everyone went to, (everyone except for the missionaries of course, that wouldn't be good.) It was a really successful event, and there were a lot of non-members there who really enjoyed it. Plus the youth had fun, so that's pretty important too. It was really weird being there because I felt like I should have been dancing with them! Sometimes I forget I'm not classified as a youth anymore. Everyone there seemed to agree with me, since I was in service clothes people kept mistaking me for a dancer and telling me to go certain places or to get dressed since my dance was coming up. Then they would see the name tag and apologize but I thought it was pretty funny. Even though I only saw a small piece of their youth conference this year, I can tell it was awesome. It made me a little nostalgic of when I went to youth activities like that, and it wasn't even that long ago! All I can do now is help other people be able to enjoy such activities. Mom, you would be proud of me, especially with the calling you have now, because I helped (the spirit) convince a less-active Mia Maid in our ward to go to Girls Camp this year. So at least I can help other people enjoy such activities while they still can!

So something that was not so good that happened this week is my church building was burglarized! Someone broke in at the beginning of this week and took all the TV's and the router, so that means no more wifi, (and as an online missionary, we took quite a blow there.) I think the most disappointing part about it is that all the Books of Mormon were untouched...Really guy?!! You are going to break in and take everything in sight but the Word of God isn't worth making a second trip to the car?! Ridiculous! I think our Bishop put it best when he said, "This person broke into a church and he saw pictures of Jesus everywhere and then still took everything? What kind of person does that?!"

Well I can't believe my time in this ward is almost up. I'm on my 5th week in the transfer, (which came waaay to fast) and this is my 3rd transfer here, so it's more likely than not I'll transfer out to a new area. Staying here for a 4th is pretty uncommon, but there are some missionaries in our zone that are on their 4th, so who knows. I'm seriously going to miss this ward. I love everyone here so much! From the Bishop all the way to Primary, I love all the members here. That's the hard part about missionary life - getting super attached with a ward just to leave it. I know there are still good things to come, but it's still hard to leave a missionary-minded ward like this. I have developed a friendship with just about every family in this ward. I even have a different handshake with almost all the youth here! It's going to be tough to move on but I know I'll meet more great people in my next area! I'm so grateful to have been able to serve in this ward and to serve my mission here! #CASRM #Cordelia2nd #loveyouall


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