Monday, June 30, 2014

Cleaning Up the Neighborhood and a Blitz

Hi Everyone!

So I have one more week of this transfer.... how crazy is that...? This is by far the fastest transfer ever. I feel like I just sent the email home talking about my new companion, Elder Gasu. Well I find outon Friday if I'm staying or not, which I'm really excited about. I have really mixed feeling about transfers. I want to stay and I want to go. I want to go to a new area and meet new people but I'm definitely going to miss the people I've met here. There is a very good chance I'm leaving but my Zone Leader, Elder Johnson, foreshadowed that I might stay. They are trying to talk to president and get as many missionaries to stay here as possible. So who knows what will happen. I'm a little worried about where I would go if I did transfer... I've had two great areas so I figure I'm in for a rough area soon.

So Elder Gasu and I hosted a Blitz on Saturday which, by the way, I'm never going to do again. It is so much work and super irritating to organize. A blitz is when the entire zone goes to one area and does work there for an hour. We had everyone come to our area and gave them all assignments and sent them on their way. But we kept forgetting that a lot of people in our zone can't drive and we put a lot of them together, so we had to make some changes along the way. Not to mention many were late to it and many had to leave early so it was a pretty complicated and tiresome process. On the bright side, we got a lot of work done from it and it definitely helped our area which is struggling right now. Finding people is pretty difficult here but we make do with the cards we're dealt, and we have fun while doing it.

Of course we had more service this week! Most of the zone helped do some community clean up. Funny part is we were cleaning up Dana street. That's my street! It's about time we made my ghetto all pretty and presentable. It's funny, before we started, all the other volunteers were a little nervous about going there and they were talking about how bad the street is. Psh, I see that place all the time, that's my home away from home. I really haven't seen anything bad happen there. It's not as dangerous as people say. They were worried about finding guns and syringes on the ground, but just like any other neighborhood, the most dangerous thing we found lying around were cigarette butts. Then we had a barbecue and someone went around knocking on all the doors inviting people to come out and join the party, so we had a lot of people come out and join in the merriment.

Well there are some crazy things happening at home. The whole Ordain Women scandal is getting ridiculous. Children, Kate Kelly is not a role model. I think it's interesting that the First Presidency had to come out with a statement specifically directed to her group.

It's weird to see how much happens in the world while my life is on pause. One of my friends is leaning towards going on a mission while another is truly struggling and just feels completely alone. It's hard to be away from everything that is happening back home, but I know what's important is what I'm doing now. All that stuff can wait till I get home. I'm grateful to be here and I wouldn't trade it for anything, despite how hard it may be sometimes. I know Heavenly Father is proud of my service, and of all who decide to labor in his vineyard. That knowledge is what keeps me going even through the less than desirable moments.

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

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