Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Frozen and Transfers

Me and Elder .Randall at Headlands Beach

Happy Monday!

So transfers are happening as we speak! The results are as follow: I'm staying in Novato. Well of course I am, I would be pretty surprised if I was getting transferred out so soon. Elder Meiners is also staying, so no change in our companionship. Elder Sacco is transferring out and we are getting a new missionary in our apartment. His name is Elder M*****, and not many positive things are said about him. Only one person in this zone is happy that he is coming so everyone is pretty bummed right now, especially Elder Randall. So this will be another transfer I might have to practice exercising patience and tolerance. It will be an interesting next couple of transfers.

So we managed to teach a lot this week. We had at least one lesson a day, which for this area is pretty good. Things with our investigator, L*****, are going so well! One of our members, Sister Clark, is very good friends with her and is so helpful with fellowshipping her and making her feel welcome. We also have a lot of lessons at her house and she is very good at explaining things to her and having them make sense. So she is a valued member in our ward! Fun fact: Brother Clark is a visual effects supervisor. He works on a lot of movies, one of which is Ted, and works quite closely with Seth McFarland. He does the Teddy bear, and he is responsible for everything about Ted except for the voice. So that's pretty cool. There are so many movie makers here in Novato is ridiculous. But I digress. The work here is going really well right now. We are getting referrals and our investigators are progressing really well right now. So I'm pretty hopeful to have a baptism soon!

Well, I'm sorry, but not much happened this week so I'm not sure what else to write. Learning the piano is going better than I thought it would. I'm learning how to play "Let It Go" from Frozen, so that will make me popular with 8 year old girls. Other than that, it was a slow week. I know that things will pick up next week, and I'll have a lot more to write about.

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

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