Monday, August 11, 2014

Nicholas Cage and Fishing in Tiburon

Hey Mom!

So something really cool happened last Monday. My celebrity encounters continue! So we went to Stinson Beach after we sent emails and the beach was stellar! We had such a good time. We played Ultimate Frisbee, football, and soccer, and I got some great pictures, (which I'll send eventually...) Then the Sisters finally got there and they were all excited and told us they just met Nicolas Cage. Of course we didn't believe them until they showed us pictures they took with him and pointed him out on the beach. So Elders Choffin, Merrel, Hansen, Meiners, Sacco and I did the only rational thing and sprinted down the beach like madmen to where he was. Of course we slowed down when we got close to him and acted casual. When we got to the finely dressed man that was pointed out to us, we were wondering how to approach him. Then Elder Meiners just went up to him and asked him how he was doing and shook his hand. And sure enough, it was Nicolas Cage! So my companion took the initiative to solve the problem of how to break the ice. We all shook his hand and talked for a little while. We asked him why he was at the beach (turns out he's in town filming a movie here, which we were told a week prior when we tried to get to on the beach and were stopped by a police officer because a movie was being filmed so the beach was closed,) and how things were going. We didn't talk for long since he didn't want too much attention drawn to him, which was weird that no one knew it was him considering how much he stood out for a guy on the beach. He told us that he liked us Mormons and then departed. I wanted to get a picture with him but I didn't have my camera at the time and I didn't want to go get it and come back since he was with his family and I didn't want to bother him. But I do have a couple of pictures that Elder Choffin took, and one that Elder Jeske got with him after we saw him, so that will be my proof of the encounter. So needless to say, Cali is the place to be if you want to meet famous individuals.

So transfers are in a week! Crazy! This is the fastest transfer ever - I feel like i just got here... We are all pretty sure that Elder Meiners is transferring to Santa Rosa to be a Tech Elder so I'm expecting a new companion soon. I can't believe how fast things are going by -  I'm closing in on my 9th month. Well, it was a really good week and we managed to get in contact with a lot of our investigators and potentials that we haven't seen in a while and have quite a few appointments set up for next week, so things look like they might pick up in this area. We also got to help one of our investigators clean out her garage, which was mildly difficult since she has a slight tendency to hoard. It was slightly challenging since there was so much stuff and she didn't want to throw anything away. We basically just rearranged her garage so it's more organized. Glad we were able to help her, but I think for a couple of days after the endeavor I had fleas, because she told us her dog had some flea problems and my legs were pretty itchy for a while!

We just got done fishing at Tiburon with one of our members, Brother Dixon. So although we didn't catch anything, we had a lot of fun and I got some really great pictures. Hopefully we're better at being fishers of men than we are at regular fishing.(Speaking of Tiburon, we just read on Facebook that Robin Williams died!! What?! Man so much is happening in the world its crazy!)

Well, that's it for me this week, since I still have some things I need to finish for this P Day. Till next week!

Love, Elder Hayden Ellis

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